→ Application on company letter head to Secretary General, BGMEA for Provisional Membership
Duly filled up Prescribed Membership Form of BGMEA
→ Registration of DOT (Department of Textile) / BOI (Board of Investment)
→ Specimen Signature of Board of Directors /Managing Partners/ Proprietor with 2 Copy Photographs of each attested by Lien Bank
→ Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association & Incorporation Certificate
→ Copy of National ID / Passport (Board of Directors / Managing Partners/ Proprietor
→ Copy of up to date Trade License
→ Copy of L/C of Machinery/ Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading & Bill of entry
→ List of Machineries (On Company letter head)
→ Copy of Fire License
→ Copy of TIN Certificate
→ Copy of Deed Agreement with Land Owner/land ownership documents
→ Copy of Soil Test Report & details of issuing company
→ Copy of Approved Building Plan. (Architectural Design)
→ Copy of Structural Design signed by IEB registered Engineer
→ Completion certificate provided by IEB registered Engineer
→ Factory Lay-Out Plan
→ Membership fee pay to BGMEA as per declaration:

a) Machine: 52 – 100=Tk. 40,500/-
b) Machine: 101 – 200=Tk. 42,500/-
c) Machine: 200 above =Tk. 47,500/-

→ Application on company letter head to Secretary General, BGMEA for Permanent Membership
→ Copy of VAT registration Certificate
→ Copy of ERC
→ Copy of IRC
→ Worker Group Insurance Certificate. (Provided by BGMEA)
→ Workers BIO Metric database certificate. (Provided by BGMEA)
→ Bond License (When applicable)

Note: All photocopies must be attested by the authorized person of the company, like Managing Director/Director/ Managing Partner/ Proprietor.